Where is the nearest alcoholics anonymous?

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Where is the nearest alcoholics anonymous?

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It has a simple program that works. It's based on one alcoholic helping another. He has been helping alcoholics recover for more than 80 years. A, A.

If your alcohol consumption is out of control, members of A, A. work together to help the alcoholic who is still suffering. Helping each other is key to staying sober. There are many opportunities to participate in a variety of ways.

The best place to start participating is through an A, A. Participation in a group helps ensure that when a person asks for help, A, A. If someone you care about has a drinking problem, A, A. might have a solution for them.

It has helped more than two million alcoholics stop drinking. Recovery works through an alcoholic who shares his or her experience with another. It adheres to its main purpose, the greater its useful influence everywhere. With gratitude I reflect on the early days of our Community and on those wise and loving ancestors who proclaimed that we should not deviate from our main purpose, that of carrying the message to the alcoholic who is still suffering.

I wish to give respect to those who work in the field of alcoholism, always keeping in mind that A, A. does not support any cause other than his own. He doesn't have a monopoly on doing miracles and I remain humbly grateful to a loving God who made A, A. Anyone with a desire to stop drinking is welcome, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, income or profession.

You can sit and listen and learn more about recovery, or you can share your situation. You can help people affected by alcoholism by making a donation to the Cleveland District Office.

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